Enterprise Solutions

SkyVision’s end-to-end Private Network and VPN solutions are tailored to meet the individual demands of a wide range of industries. Backed by SkyVision’s experienced network-design engineers and RF and IP professionals, along with SkyVision’s multilingual 24/7 Technical Assistance Center, customers can rest assured that their high-performance connectivity is SkyVision’s top priority. Contact us to design the flexible service package that will effectively and reliably deliver the exact connectivity solution your enterprise needs.
  • • Emergency response • Education and training • Disaster recovery • Telemedicine
  • • Branch operational transaction management • Expansion to rural areas • Distribution and backup of data: • ATM and fund transfer
  • • Ensured operational communications • Repair and salvage operations • Surveillance, exploration and inspection • Crew Welfare
  • SkyVision provides reliable and cost-effective connectivity solutions and applications unique to mining sites.
  • • Remote metering • Video surveillance • Troubleshooting systems • Critical infrastructure control
  • SkyVision features a line of Value Added Services (VAS) supporting corporate networks, fiber solutions, and internet links.
  • • On-site support, maintenance, installation and activation • 24/7 multilingual technical support (NOC) • Network design and management
  • • High service availability & reliability • Variety of data rate packages • Superior dedicated link – No contention ratio