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2 December 2015
For African ISPs Like SkyVision, the Middle is a Nice Place to Be
PARIS — You know you’re in a good business when people buy your service before securing a stable electric grid, water supply or road network. That is the position of Internet service providers (ISPs) in Africa, whose 55 nations are showing brisk demand increases for telecommunications even as more-traditional essential services are lagging.
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18 November 2015
How SkyVision is driving connectivity in Africa – By Martin Ekpeke
For well over a decade, SkyVision has been playing a key role in the African economy, driving connectivity across various sectors, ranging from
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17 May 2015
SkyVision Launches Global Broadcast Services and Engineering Solutions
Hertfordshire, UK, March 30, 2015 – SkyVision Global Networks Ltd., a leading global communication provider, today announced the recent addition of broadcast services and engineering solutions to its diverse IP connectivity services and solutions portfolio, to answer the insatiable demand for DTH, IPTV and OTT services in the markets it serves.
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15 February 2015
Africa market is key to our expansion, says SkyVision
Mr. Dror Limor is VP Sales & Marketing at SkyVision Global Networks, a leading communications solutions provider. In this interaction with
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31 July 2014
SkyVision reassures customers on superior telecom solutions
SkyVision, a global communications provider has said it will not relent on providing superior and innovative connectivity solutions to its customers across the world. Maintaining a strong local presence and network coverage, SkyVision is well positioned to cater to its customer’s unique requirements.
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22 July 2014
SkyVision Appoints New CEO
Leading global IP telecommunication service provider, SkyVision, has a new chief executive officer. He is Ori Watermann. Watermann joined the company in June, and already he is upbeat about the opportunity to lead SkyVision at this point in time in its quest to provide telecommunications solutions especially to emerging markets.
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