Fiber Solutions

Fiber Solutions

SkyVision’s reputation for reliability has extended to an expanded range of fiber network connectivity options for carriers and corporate customers in Nigeria. The company’s Point of Presences (POPs) in Lagos and Abuja provides access to international submarine cables, connecting customers to SkyVision’s POP in Europe or the U.S. Our decade of experience with a worldwide IP VPN, MPLS-enabled network means SkyVision can offer a variety of IP connectivity services to support the most demanding customer requirements.

SkyVision has a proven track record of providing cost-effective turnkey solutions to a wide range of customers, including governments, national telcos, global enterprises, cellular operators, and NGOs. Our fiber network services are designed to respond to the need for high-quality bandwidth without demanding large investment in infrastructure. With SkyVision’s global network coverage, you increase your reach simply by connecting to our country POP, avoiding investment in expensive and complex equipment. In addition, all SkyVision’s fiber network connectivity services are scalable, meaning additional bandwidth can be provided as capacity needs grow.

SkyVision’s POP maintains the highest industry standards to ensure reliability, including advanced monitoring systems to ensure that SkyVision can respond quickly to any event. The result is a consistently high level of service availability.


SkyVision’s RF engineers and IP experts designed the POP to ensure maximum resiliency, with our core values in mind:


  • Availability - Connectivity assured with multiple fiber operators
  • Reliability - UPS backed up by generator
  • Safety First - Advanced fire and smoke detection systems
  • Peace of Mind - Redundant air conditioning system


SkyVision Fiber Network Solutions include five services: