SkyVision’s robust global IP-MPLS network, with powerful bandwidth capacity, supports a wide range of solutions and mixed-terrestrial satellite IP connectivity and fiber network solutions tailored to suit each customer’s individual needs. We believe in offering full redundancy and backup services to our customers. This is made possible through our local hubs and teleports across Africa,  over 10-satellite coverage and a terrestrial network.




Gateways and Teleports Worldwide

SkyVision operates numerous gateways and teleports worldwide, allowing the company to access nearly any satellite in orbit. This flexibility enables SkyVision to provide customers with optimized solutions to most places on earth. SkyVision’s teleports are monitored and manned 24/7 by experienced engineers.

International MPLS Backbone

SkyVision implements an international MPLS backbone with presence in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East, creating a network that efficiently connects our gateways to our teleports and gives customers the option to connect to it via satellite. This means SkyVision can offer secure private network services worldwide. SkyVision’s multi-gigabit MPLS-enabled IP backbone is also fully redundant, with POPs in London, New York and Frankfurt.

RF Capability Second to None

SkyVision’s teleports all have a fully redundant RF chain, ensuring that no single point of failure exists. Power is backed up by both UPS and generator to guarantee that services continuously operate without fail, regardless of conditions. The teleports operate a range of antennas, from 4.5 meters to 32 meters in diameter, and are easily able to transmit the most powerful signals required.

Peering with Tier-One Service Providers

SkyVision’s gateways are situated at major internet exchanges in Europe and North America, where peering connectivity is maintained with tier-one service providers and many of the largest originators of content on the internet. This private connection ensures that SkyVision customers receive the best response times possible and the highest quality user experience.