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SkyVision Donates to The National Commission Against Ebola in Guinea
28 October 2014
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Hertfordshire, UK, October 28, 2014 – SkyVision Global Networks Ltd., a global leader in communications has announced today that it has made a generous donation to the National Commission against Ebola in Guinea.

“We have strong ties across the African continent, with partners and regional offices throughout the region, including an office in Guinea, making this cause particularly close to our hearts. It is a troubling time for our customers and businesses alike, therefore, SkyVision stepped forward and took the opportunity to help.” Commented SkyVision CEO, Ori Watermann.

This commission was set up by the Guinean government, in order to respond to the threat of the Ebola outbreak across the region. Guinea, which has been one of the worst hit areas from this spreading virus, has dealt with the outbreak in a number of ways. Initially flights were cancelled temporarily to surrounding areas, in order to stem the flow of the virus. The Commission also set up emergency units across hospitals in the area and trained rapid response staff to be able to manage the patients and also reach out to those people that had come in to contact with the infected people during the 21 day incubation process, in order to test and isolate them.

According to the Chairman of the Commission, Mr Bangoura, “We are most grateful for the invaluable help that SkyVision has given to assist the fight against Ebola. The fund will be used to cover expenses and the needs of Ebola patients and affected families. News of this generous donation has also been featured on local news in Guinea.”

“This donation is proof of our commitment to providing wellness to communities across Africa. Our Corporate Social Responsibility engages us to create and sustain positive values in areas we operate in. We hope the affected areas by the Ebola virus will soon recover from this epidemic” said Mr Aboubacar Kourouma, General Manager, SkyVision Guinea office.

Emergency equipment became an absolute necessity as the commission invested in ambulances, hospital equipment and even detection units for airports, capable of detecting fever in passengers that passed through.

Unfortunately there is currently no known cure or vaccine to protect against Ebola and no known treatment once someone has caught it, so the emphasis lies on the isolation of known carriers and the immediate testing of potential victims. However these victims that do manage to get to a special treatment center as soon as possible have a much greater chance of survival.

With a strong local presence across Africa and despite the Ebola outbreak, SkyVision is determined to continue serving the African nation and to do everything in its power to assist local businesses and their well-being.

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