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SkyVision Shortlisted for Three Prestigious AfricaCom 2014 Awards
21 October 2014
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Hertfordshire, UK, October 17, 2014 – SkyVision Global Networks Ltd., a leading global communication provider, today proudly announced that the company has been nominated for three prestigious AfricaCom 2014 Awards. SkyVision’s nominations are in the following categories: Best Connectivity Solutions for Africa, for SkyVision’s Hybrid Satellite and Terrestrial Network Solutions; Changing Lives Award, for their support of Ghana’s Crossover Academy and VSAT Innovation for Africa, for the SkyVision Active Series.

As a leading service provider in Africa, SkyVision provides viable solutions that help African companies, organizations and service providers to increase their productivity and profitability, and the level of service they provide to their customers. SkyVision’s noted success in Africa is the result of its a widespread network of local partners and representatives and SkyVision offices in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry, Nigeria,  Cameroon and South Africa. For well over a decade, SkyVision has focused on enhancing connectivity in rural Africa, with the establishment of hubs and PoPs across the continent to deliver quality and last mile communications to customers nationwide.

“SkyVision has witnessed the immense growth of Africa’s telecom market and we are honored to have been chosen amongst our peers for these three esteemed awards,” said Ori Watermann, SkyVision CEO. “SkyVision continues to be an integral part of the ICT boom in Africa as we strongly support leading industries and organizations’ communications platforms. We are equally proud to have donated our services to rural academic institutions so desperately in need of viable communications networks. Contributing to educating Africa’s schoolchildren, helps build the foundation of Africa’s future.”

The AfricaCom Awards, the digital industry’s celebration and recognition of world leaders in digital technology, ICT, telecom and media across Africa, will take place on November 12, 2014 in Cape Town, as part of the AfricaCom 2014 Conference. SkyVision are both exhibitors and sponsors of this landmark industry event. For more information on the show visit: To meet SkyVision or for queries contact:


About SkyVision

SkyVision isa global communications service provider, offering comprehensive, integrated solutions to meet all corporate, government and telco market requirements. With an emphasis on its customers’ local or regional requirements, SkyVision offers superior network connectivity solutions. Known for its innovative approach, the company offers an extensive suite of both customized solutions and industry-standard services for end-to-end IP connectivity, managed from its international gateways and selected local hubs. SkyVision’s global-reaching network connects its customers to the Internet backbone with more than ten satellite platforms and a network of high-capacity fiber optic cables, via its gateways in Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East as well as multiple points of presence (POPs) in Africa. SkyVision currently commands a satellite and fiber network IP connectivity spanning 100 countries. The company’s C-Band and Ku-Band VSAT network solutions draw on SkyVision’s extensive space segment inventory from leading satellite providers and its capacity is carefully tailored to customers’ individual needs for optimal cost-effectiveness. Visit


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