Internet Solutions

SkyVision’s Internet Solutions provide an answer to any business need. Whether you are an ISP, cellular operator or a corporate customer requiring uncapped, unlimited internet connectivity, SkyVision’s Internet connectivity solutions connect you to the world through  multiple, redundant tier-1 Internet exchange points, backed up by our  24 x 7 Technical Assistance Center.

IP Trunking

ISPs, cellular operators and PTTs/PTOs, can enjoy large volumes of dedicated satellite Internet connectivity. SkyVision’s expertise and economy of scale enable the service to be provided over station kept or inclined orbit satellites

  • Super-reliable Tier-1 internet connectivity
  • Service available on many satellites with various geographical footprints
  • High quality C-Band and Ku-Band service


Corporate and enterprise customers, requiring  dedicated or shared satellite Internet connectivity can rely on SkyVision’s VSAT services to deliver uncapped, unlimited service in the most remote places, on earth or at sea

  • UNCAPPED, UNLIMTED variety of service packages supporting varying needs
  • Superior service quality, even in the most remote areas
  • Powered by iDirect technology for reliable, fast and easy installation


Connecting corporate and carrier customers in key locations to the world through multiple international submarine cables and providing a wide variety of services

  • Assured connectivity with multiple fiber sources
  • Terminate traffic anywhere around the globe
  • Choice of last mile connections