Value Added Services

SkyVision features a line of Value Added Services (VAS) supporting corporate networks,
fiber solutions, and internet links.

Managed Firewall

SkyVision’s Managed Firewall service removes the difficulties involved in hardware integration and software maintenance, while providing content filtering and unified threat management (UTM) as part of an elegant, integrated, cost-effective solution.

  • Improves an organization’s productivity and network protection
  • Increases link utilization by enabling only approved traffic
  • No capital purchases involved
  • Fully safe-guarded against technology obsolescence
  • Minimal operating expenses – reduced manpower and hardware requirements
  • Scalable to meet increases in traffic – without additional investments
  • Easily added to any of SkyVision links


SkyVision teleports and POPs around the world are more than capable to host your antennas and collocate your RF and IP equipment. All SkyVision teleports and POPs are designed according to the most demanding standards, fully air-conditioned and employing fire extinguishing systems, UPS and a power generators.

  • Just the rack space you need – scalable from 5U to full racks
  • Visibility – out-of-band management ensures you can manage your equipment anytime
  • Redundant – 2 mains power sources to keep your service up and running

Solar power solutions

SkyVision’s Solar Power Solutions deliver independent power ensuring your critical business operations keep on working. Whether our customers operate a remote base station of a cellular network, a far community school, a health center, or an expedition campground in the outback when the sun is shining, a solar-powered system is the most reliable, cost-effective solution to keep business – connected and operational.

  • Independent – from several hours up to several days of operation without sun exposure
  • Modular and scalable – grows with your business needs
  • Easy and safe installation
  • Low maintenance costs