Voice Services

SkyVision Voice Services offer business-grade, VoIP-based, international calling services that are fully compatible with all SkyVision internet access and VPN services. Enhance your organization’s operational effectiveness while substantially reducing costs. SkyVision Voice Services provide flawless voice communications, connecting corporate headquarters, branch offices, and remote staff. No matter where you are located – SkyVision delivers excellent quality Voice-over-IP international calls to both fixed and mobile phone numbers, as well as low-cost inbound calling options. Your organization can now dramatically reduce the cost of international calls by eliminating the need for expensive mobile and landline calling rates. Furthermore, with SkyVision Voice Services, On Net VoIP calls are free of charge.

Voice Line

SkyVision Voice Line is a premium VoIP service that enables customers to make international voice calls without investing in an onsite VoIP PBX. SkyVision Voice Line provides a full set of popular calling features. SkyVision Voice Line enables customers to save on both inbound and outbound calls and is offered with a selection of cost-effective calling plans. SkyVision Voice Line service subscribers can use regular phone sets to place international voice calls by simply connecting it to a VoIP ATA provided by SkyVision

SIP Trunk

SkyVision SIP Trunking is a premium VoIP service designed for customers, already equipped with an IP-PBX, who seek cost-effective ways to carry high-quality voice over an IP network. SkyVision SIP Trunking acts as the enterprise IP-PBX gateway for international calls to any destination in the world, resulting in increased capacity utilization, administrative simplification, and capital expenditure savings.


Customers who utilize the Voice Services can take advantage of virtual phone numbers from a variety of counties for international DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing). This service allows callers to make a local phone call to reach SkyVision Voice Service subscribers in other countries. SkyVision DID service decreases the cost of inbound calls by bypassing the high rates for international calls. SkyVision customers can choose one or more local phone number from countries all over the world