Sun Outage Calculations


Calculationslefttitle Calculate Sun Outage

For Sun Outage Calculations please go to the  link above and perform  the following 4 steps:

  1. Enter your satellite position
  2. Enter your equipment specifications
  3. Insert your address and select Get Location from
    address button or select the Auto Geolocation button
  4. View the result at the bottom of the page and if needed print the calculation

CalculationsrighttitleWhat is a Sun Outage

sun outagesun transit or sun fade is an interruption in or distortion of geostationary satellite signals caused by interference from solar radiation. The effect is due to the sun’s radiation overwhelming the satellite signal.


CalculationsrighttitleSun Outage Predictions Fall 2015


Azimuth and True Elevation Calculations

Communication satellites move in a fixed orbit in the sky directly above the equator, relative to an observation point on earth. In order to communicate with a satellite, your antenna must be able to “see” the location in the sky above the equator in which the satellite is located. The situation of an unobstructed view between the satellite and the antenna is known as “having a line-of-sight” to the satellite. It is important to conduct an accurate site survey to determine the optimal location for the VSAT.

If you are not experienced in performing the site survey yourself, you should hire a Certified SkyVision Installer. Contact your SkyVision Sales Manager for assistance.

You can calculate your Azimuth and True Elevation online. Choose one of the following 3 links:

Satellite Finder / Di vvsh Pointing Calculator with Google Mapscalc_h3 Calculator for Azimuth and Elevation Anglecalc_h3 Satellite-Calculationscalc_h3


Additional online calculations can be conducted for the following needs:

  1. To determine the elevation of an obstaclett
  2. To convert RF to L-Band frequencies use the IF Frequency Calculator
  3. To determine the time of a satellite eclipse