Network Operating Center

Unmatched 24/7 Support

SkyVision manages and maintains multiple 24/7 multilingual Network Operations Centers

(NOCs) around the globe. Staffed by a team of professionals, these centers monitor SkyVision’s and customers’ communications infrastructure, with hands-on customer support and service. SkyVision’s certified technicians and engineers are available 24/7 to solve problems, keep downtime to a minimum, and ensure that your operations are up and running in zero time.

SkyVision’s teleport is manned 24/7 by RF technicians to allow rapid action when required. In addition, SkyVision’s NOC monitors and controls the equipment by direct access and responds to any alarm within the systems in real-time.

Redundancy backup
& Resilience

SkyVision’s teleports include the

following standard redundancy features:

  • RF Network – redundancy including LNB, BUC, Beacon receiver, modems, etc.
  • IP Network – redundancy including routers, switches, firewall.

Real-time Decision-Making-
all the time

When operating in a harsh remote environment, it is rarely possible to take all decision-makers onboard. SkyVision’s communications solutions ensure that crucial information is available always and immediately– allowing for real-time decision making. Back office crews can see and hear anything in the field, without any delay, without compromising quality and without leaving the office.